Live Event Webcasting in Vancouver BC

Stand Out   Be Different   Be Seen…

Live streaming video has emerged as the prime method for spreading a business message or instructional content.

Whether used for association workshops, employee training, enhanced marketing, or product launches, live online video streams provide participants with an engaging environment well-suited for reaching large audiences quickly, easily and on a real-time basis.

More recently, professional associations as well as enterprise businesses have deployed live videocasting (webcasting) for communicating their message, which has resulted in a significant increase in audience engagement.

Boost your Image: Be seen as progressive by using Live Streaming to communicate.

Bring More Value: Go the extra mile to share your event “Live!” with your audience.

Extend Your Reach: Allow audiences anywhere the chance to participate in Real Time

“Live Event Webcasting coupled with archived video available on-demand, have proven to be the most compelling method for an effective communication strategy, enabling wider distribution of information, enhancing knowledge sharing, collaboration & audience engagement. Increasingly, companies are realizing the tremendous value of a secure broadcast sharing solution that takes full advantage of this shift toward the universal consumption of streaming video on desktop, laptop, mobile phones & tablets.”

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