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EventcastLive.ca – the Premier Live Event Webcast Company in Greater Vancouver, Squamish & Whistler

As one of the pioneers in the use of Live Streaming Video technology in Vancouver over a decade ago, we were one of the first companies to make Live Event Webcasts (also called Videocasting) easy, convenient and affordable for organizations of all sizes. Headquartered in Squamish, BC, we are perfectly positioned to service Greater Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler, providing Live Event Streaming services for all types of events.

About the Founder & Owner:

PesiUnwallaPesi Unwalla is an experienced videographer and webcast producer, skilled in all aspects of multimedia production, including video, lighting, sound, imaging and even including website development & design. He has been involved with live webcasting since 2005 and has worked on many high profile events, with a number of very satisfied clients, webcasting the proceedings Live and in real-time.

Live Event Webcasting, or live video streaming, is the process of broadcasting video, audio and multimedia over the internet to remote viewers, wherever in the world they may be. Pesi Unwalla is equally well versed in all the technical and artistic requirements needed to produce reliable, engaging and highly professional webcasts – whether they be simple, single-camera productions or complex multi-camera productions including PowerPoint capture, Skype capture and Live Interactive Chat screens, using the latest in ‘live video switching’ technology.

Aside from regular streaming of video to custom webpages onto a client’s website using a simple embed code, of late our Webcasting Options have expanded to include display on tablets and smart phones.

The Parent Company:

Founded in 1992 by Pesi Unwalla Hooked on Graphics Design Studios Inc. began life as a graphic design firm; However we quickly realized the potential of multimedia as a pre-eminent tool for business communications and in 1994, started MediaPower New Media Communications and MediaStreams Communications Since then, we have been engaged in the development of all types of progressive multimedia communication tools & services for other businesses, empowering them to project their image in a professional, sophisticated & highly effective manner.

With our extensive background in all aspects of Online Media production, especially multimedia & streaming video production, were uniquely positioned to provide this valuable service at rates that were unheard of. The reason for this affordability was that we combined our knowledge of these technologies with commonly available equipment to formulate our own unique setups that did not require exotic & expensive hardware.

Hooked on Graphics Design Studios Inc. owned MediaPower New Media Communications and has now evolved into MediaStreams Communications – with its divisions – EventcastLive.ca for Live Event Webcast Production (this site) – Webs4Videos.com for Development of live webcast websites and Webstream.ca for hosting and displaying your individual event webcasts.

As the premier Streaming Video production company in Vancouver BC & the Sea to Sky region all the way to Squamish and Whistler we are the leading streaming media service producer for events in this region. Our goal has always been to provide powerful & sophisticated yet affordable streaming video services for businesses of all sizes, including small-businesses & professionals.

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