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Live Video Switching during a Live Webcast

Our goal is to provide a hassle-free, all-inclusive, live webcasting service at – we take care of everything related to the live webcast, before, during and after the event. We take all the techie stuff off your plate, leaving you free to focus on organizing other aspects of your event.

What We Do

Before the Event

  • Preparation of your PowerPoint slides or any other multimedia files to be included in the webcast and loading them onto a laptop for display.
  • Coordinating with the technical staff at the event venue to arrange for the appropriate internet connection and an audio feed from their PA audio mixer (if required).
  • Coordinating with the venue staff for camera station location, any special wiring required or any other detail related to webcasting.
  • Arranging for the operators and equipment required to produce the webcast.
  • Setting up the Webcast display screen and testing to make sure it works smoothly. Optionally we can also customize the display to reflect the client’s brand.
  • Creating titles in advance – presenter’s names, presentation topics, etc. that can be switched live during the event.
  • Set up an optional Live Interactive Chat Screen on the display page if requested by the client.
  • Set optional password protection for pages should it be needed.
  • Send the URL for the display screen to our client, to pass along to their viewers in advance.

On the Day of Event:

  • Setup of camera(s), computers, encoders, lights, audio, cabling, etc. at the venue
  • We arrive up to 2 hours before start time for setup, sound checks and testing to ensure everything is well arranged and running smoothly.
  • Running the Live Production, with Live Video Switching (for multi-camera productions) and relaying the stream.
  • Switching titles in real-time, for each presenter or topic.
  • Monitor the stream during the event and provide support to any viewers who may have issues viewing the webcast.
  • We record the entire webcast stream for your archives at no extra charge.
  • Equipment tear down after the event is over.

The Day After the Event: 

  • We deliver the recorded video files in web-ready, H264 format – next day delivery by FTP or on DVD if requested.
  • Put together a webcast report of your viewership statistics summary of the webcast.
  • Post-production editing of the live video mix, if requested by the client (optional) is also available.
  • Optionally we can also post the recorded video(s) on our On-demand site for viewing days/weeks/months after the event.

How It Works

  • We arrive early – at least 2 hours before the event start time, to set up one or more video cameras at the camera station, typically located at the back of the room.
  • Each camera transmits its video feed to our high powered, encoding computer.
  • We take an XLR audio feed from the venue’s PA system audio mixer, directly into our main system to capture audio from multiple venue mics.
  • If the audio feed is unavailable, we can use our own on-camera or wireless mics to capture audio (optional).
  • We connect the presentation laptop containing any PowerPoint show to our system for direct capture of the slides and stream them simultaneously with the video – PIP picture-in-picture feature ensures that the presentation and speaker can be seen and heard at the same time.
  • Our switching computer runs a sophisticated Video Switching software that is used to switch between camera angles for multi-camera shoots
  • This system is also used to overlay titles and even your branding onto the video stream if required.
  • The output of the video switching computer goes to the on-board media encoder, which processes the live stream for online viewing.
  • The computer then sends the stream via a wired Internet Broadband connection to a CDN with a Live Streaming, RTMP Server, from where it is directed to the webcast display screen.
  • Note: If a wired connection is unavailable, we can stream over a wireless connection which is not as satisfactory but is a workable option.
  • If no Internet connection is available at the venue, we can even stream the webcast over a Cellular Modem – which while a more expensive option, is perfectly suitable for streaming Live.
  • The webcast is then displayed – either on a blank unbranded screen on our servers or on an optional, customized screen with your branding.
  • The video stream is recorded for your future use at no extra charge and saved as a video file in H264 format.

To see some examples of a multi-camera webcast, click here

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