Packages & Pricing





BASE PRICING (per Event-day*)

* Note: an ‘Event Day’ comprises a total of up to 7 hours of streaming plus 1-2 hours of setup and 1 hour for tear down. – overtime may be charged as below for streaming during non-business hours.


includes videography & live streaming with no Live Video Switching

Value A: $1,985

Value B: $1,985

Value C: $2,285

*** See option descriptions below

Starts at: $2,875

Call for Fixed Quote

Number of Camera Angles and/or PowerPoint with “Live Switching” (ie. Mixing of camera angles, slides, graphics, etc.

1 stationary Camera view only
fixed on speaker at a podium

2 Views Switched Live: 1 for podium + 1 on PowerPoint Screen or audience 

*** See option descriptions below

3 Views Switched Live – 1 cam on podium + 1 cam on audience + PowerPoint capture

Overtime (per hour) – for events during non-business hours or over 8 hours onsite




Size of remote viewing audience (estimated)

Up to 25

Up to 50

Up to 100

Extra Remote Viewers in blocks of 100

$135 per block of 100 extra viewers

$145 per block of 100 extra viewers

$150 per block of 100 extra viewers

Setup Fees




Real-time Onsite Encoding & Internet Broadcast




Maximum Video Dimensions (in pixels)

720X480 SD
single bit rate

upto 1280X720 HD
single bit rate 

Can go up to 1920X1080*

Maximum Bit Rate (speed/quality)

up to 1000 Kbps

up to 2500 Kbps

Can go up to 8000 Kbps*

ABR Streaming – stream in simultaneously in multiple resolutions (HD & SD) to suit all viewers’ Internet connection speeds

Optional Extra (see below) 

Optional Extra (see below)

Included ($350 value)

Number of On Site Camera Operators



1 (+1 Optional Extra)

Live Audience Interactivity Chat Screen




Live Insertion of PowerPoint Slides from a computer


*** see below


Insertion of Titles, Images or Pre-recorded Videos




Custom 1-page Website to display Live Stream

  Optional Extra **

Optional Extra **

Optional Extra **

Password protection / Login for invitees


Optional Extra


Unique Domain Name (subject to availability)


Optional Extra

Optional Extra

Lead time required for setup

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

Archival copy of Video Footage (unedited) for future On-Demand display on your website (Note: for editable formats see Extras below)

Free H264
Video file (MP4)

Free H.264
Video file (MP4)

Free H.264
Video file (MP4)

Weekend & Holiday premiums




Booking Deposit



15% of Total

 * The Custom package is standardly broadcast in SD at 720X480 resolution – for High Def Broadcasts up to 1920X1080 with ABR see Optional Extras below.

** Basic Streams can be displayed free of charge on a separate, unbranded section of
our website – we will provide you with a link to send out to your invitees.

** Value & Custom Package Streams can be displayed on a temporary 1-page mini-site
which we can build for you (see optional extras below). This site will mimic
the look and feel of your website but must be hosted on our servers for the
duration of the event and we will provide you with a link to send out to your


*** VALUE A:  $1,980.00 – 2 Cameras (1 on speaker, 1 on audience)

*** VALUE B:  $1,980.00 2 Cameras (1 on speaker, 1 on presentation screen)

*** VALUE C:   $2,275.00 2 Views (1 Camera on Speaker +  Direct Digital Capture of Slides from Laptop)

Review our Terms & Conditions



Add Extra Remote Viewers  (Note: this pricing subject to change depending on current streaming bandwidth rates – a final quote will be provided at booking time) –          Starts at:

$135 per block of 100 viewers

Live Online Chat Screen to add Remote Audience Interactivity during an event

Add $375

NEW! Bring in Remote Presenters Now presenters who cannot attend in person can still present at your event using Skype Webcasting or even just a Chrome browser and a simple webcam using our new Live Videoconferencing feature

Add $275

*NEW!! High Def Stream with ABR– ie. Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming – Multi-bitrate broadcast to allow viewers to watch in High Def or Low Definitions depending on their own Internet connection speeds. See the full description of this technique here.

Add $350*

NEW! Cellular Data Streaming – Streaming a Live Webcast without any available Internet connection using a Cellular Modem for stream uploads

Add $125/hour or $750/day

NEW! Online Polls & Multiple Question Surveys – collect valuable information and feedback from your viewers to help you plan your marketing efforts for the next event. See examples here…

Poll – Add $75
Survey – Starts at: $150

Live Special Effects  – e.g. Picture-in-Picture, Title/Logo Overlays, Simultaneous dual-screen displays of Video + PowerPoint & Interactive Q&A, etc. will be quoted…                       

Free for Value C & above!

Reduced: Capture & archive extra copy of video footage in editable format for post-production & editing.    Note: We need advance notice if this option is required.

$450 (per event/day)

Post-production & Editing of recorded footage delivered on disk, with titles, background music tracks, Animated Spinning Logos, PowerPoint slide insertions, special effects, etc.

Quoted at $150/hour

Custom branded single-page web screen designed with your logo header and custom sub-domain name specifically to display the live stream (not password protected). Sponsor logos & image ads can also be inserted onto this web page as an optional extra.

Starts at: $375 +

Password Protection & Log-in for above website (single common password for all viewers)


Custom Back end Website – fully functional site on your own domain for viewer registrations, collecting online payment, unique password logins for each viewer, etc. – yours to keep forever for all future events.

Starts at: $2,275 + (will be quoted)

Extra Camera Operator (per event-day)


DVD of your Event Video  with interactive menus, full color labels, cases & even mass replication for sale or free distribution.


Extract Audio Only of the event as an MP3 file on CDROM (per hour of conversion)


Note: prices are subject to change without notification – call us for latest pricing and a fixed quote.

Note: If the On Demand video files which we provide after the event, are to be hosted on your own website, their insertion, creating password protected sections, payment processing, etc. will be handled by your webmaster.

Note: Booking deposits are fully refundable if event is cancelled 15 business days or more before the scheduled date. The full balance is payable in full 7 business days or earlier before the scheduled event date.Payment for any optional extras ordered after the event is due in advance

Note:  for events held beyond Greater Vancouver & Sea to Sky regions – ie. Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Delta, Cloverdale, etc., a travel & accommodation charge of $150 per event day will be applicable.

CALL: 604.970.5055 or Email us for more information or a fixed quote