Value Packages A, B & C

Two elements will be used here – 1 camera fixed on the podium and either a live display of your presentation screen or a view of the audience.

Our experienced operator will be on hand to switch between the 2 views in real-time and on cue, using a Live Video Switcher. If there is no PowerPoint required, we can use the second camera to capture another camera angle of the speaker or audience reactions and questions. Live switching technology allows us to switch between shots to keep the video stream much more lively, interesting & way more professional looking than a single fixed camera angle.

Examples of the types of Value Packages can be viewed here…

We offer 3 types of Value Packages as listed below: 
See the detailed specs of all the Value Packages here… 

Value Package A

One camera is fixed on the speaker at the podium while a 2nd. camera is available for audience reaction shots, to show audience members asking questions, etc.

The 2nd. camera can be very useful to track speakers who move around a lot during their presentation while the first camera provides a fixed, wide-angle perspective.

While this solution is also fairly economical, it has an advantage over the Basic Package, of providing visual relief which makes the presentation more watchable and prevents attention deficit during long presentations. Not only does it capture the speaker from the audience’s perspective, but it also enables the viewer to see how the audience reacts and participates.

Value Package B 

One camera is fixed on the speaker at the podium while a 2nd. camera is focused on the PowerPoint/ presentation screen.
While this solution allows for alternate or even simultaneous viewing of presenter & slides (using PIP) it is also fairly economical.

Compared to the Value Package C though, it has the disadvantage of having a lower image resolution for the PowerPoint slide images, since images of images captured by a video camera are never as good as those captured ‘directly’ by digital capture (as in Value C)

Value Package C

This is the most useful of the 3 Value Package options. The main camera is fixed on the speaker at the podium while the PowerPoint/ presentation is captured directly into our encoding system from the presenter’s laptop.

This solution offers the best resolution of the presentation slide images while still allowing alternate and/or simultaneous viewing of presenter & slides (using PIP).

There will be cuts made between ‘shots’ using a Live Switching device exactly like a live TV show.
…and of course, in all 3 cases, we will also archive the entire program as viewed, as a digital video file for display on your website as a “Video on Demand”.

See the detailed specs of the Value Packages here…