Webcast Package Examples

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Package Descriptions

  • Basic Package – A single camera is used to capture a speaker without any slide capture.
  • Value A Package – Two-camera production – 1 cam for the speaker and 1 on the audience.
  • Value A Package with split-screen – Two-camera production – using various split-screen configurations for discussions between 2 parties – can be used for speaker with audience or 2 speakers.
  • Value B Package – Two-camera production – 1 cam for the speaker and the other on a presentation screen. (Note: this method of capturing slides is not ideal and results in a lower resolution of the image as compared to the Value C method below).
  • Value C Package – Two views – 1 camera for the speaker at the podium plus ‘Direct-to-Computer’ digital capture of the PowerPoint presentation including videos. (Note: this method of capturing slides results in a crisp and clear image with excellent resolution of the captured slides). Includes PIP (picture-in-picture) views.
  • Value C + Ppt Video – same as above except also showing a video captured from within the PowerPoint presentation. (no difference in pricing from Value C)
  • Your Custom Package – Customized to your specifications with 2 or more cameras (1 for speaker + 1 for audience Q&A, panel group, etc.) + Direct-to-Computer slide capture. Add Interactive Chat screens, Skype capture & more to add more value to your custom event webcast.
  • Custom Package with Split Screen – 3 camera production with split screens & live video switching to capture 3 parties simultaneously.
  • Keynote Speech – a single static camera with an on board external mic is used to capture a speaker at a lectern. No PowerPoint capture – generally the same as the ‘Basic’ Package but using our own mic/audio capture.
  • Group Panel Discussion – generally 2 cameras are used as in the Value A Package, to switch between the moderator & the speaker(s). It can be done with a single camera panning & zooming between speakers but that is not recommended as the camera movements can be very distracting and would not look professional. However if PowerPoint slides are also being captured alongside the panel discussion, it would require the Custom Package.

Note: In all packages with more than 1 view (ie. Value A, B & C and Custom) we use ‘Live Video Switching’ to switch between camera angles & slides in real-time, including Picture-in-Picture as required. Text overlays for titles are also used when needed.