Webcast Package Examples

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Package Descriptions
Basic Package A single camera is used to capture a speaker at a podium –  no slide captures.
Value A Package Two-camera production – 1 cam for the speaker and 1 on the audience.
Value A Package with split-screen Two-camera production – using various split-screen configurations for discussions between 2 parties – can be used for speaker with audience or focused on 2 speakers.
Value B Package Two-camera production – 1 cam for the speaker and the other on the presentation screen. (Note: this method of capturing slides is not ideal &results in a lower resolution of the image as compared to the Value C method shown below)
Value C Package  Two views again – 1 camera for the speaker at the podium plus a ‘Direct-to-Computer‘ digital capture of the PowerPoint presentation. (Note: this method of capturing slides results in a crisp and clear image with excellent resolution of the captured slides). This package includes PIP (picture-in-picture) views of speaker plus the slides.
Value C + Ppt Video Same as the above except it also includes showing embedded videos within the PowerPoint presentation. (Note: no difference in pricing from Value C package above)
Your Custom Package Customized to your specifications with 2 or more cameras (1 for speaker + 1 for audience Q&A, panel group, etc.) + Direct-to-Computer digital slide capture. You can add Optional Interactive Chat screens, Skype capture & more to add more value to your custom event webcast.
Custom Package with Split Screen A 3 camera production with split screens & live video switching to capture 3 parties simultaneously.
Keynote Speech A single static camera (with an on-camera mic) is used to capture a speaker at a lectern. No PowerPoint capture here. It is generally the same as the ‘Basic’ Package but using our own mic/audio capture.
(Note: If however a PowerPoint capture is to be included, it will revert to the Value C package)
Group Panel Discussion Generally 2 cameras are used as in the Value A Package, to switch between the moderator & the speaker(s). It could be done with a single camera panning & zooming between speakers to save on cost, but that is not recommended as the camera movements can be very distracting and would look quite unprofessional.
Note: However if PowerPoint slides are also being captured alongside the panel discussion, it would require the 
Custom Package.
Note: In all packages with more than 1 view (ie. Value A, B & C and Custom) we use ‘Live Video Switching’ to switch between camera angles & slides in real-time, including Picture-in-Picture as required. Text overlays for titles are also used when needed.