Our Clients

ClientsPic3Our clients range from professional associations & large corporate entities to self-employed professionals, looking to disseminate their message to a wider audience.

Whether it is a workshop or a conference or an internal employee communication, we have handled event webcasts of every type and size, with our convenient & competitively priced packages.

Click here to view some of our featured clients. These are just short extracts taken from a number of projects, many of which were full-day sessions.

Some Videocasts were single-camera shoots while others were multi-camera projects with Live Video Switching on location.

Many of them had opted for embedding simultaneous, Live Interactive Online Chat screens on the webcast page, to allow their remote audience to participate in the discussions & ask questions of the presenters in real-time.


We Are Professionals – as Vancouver’s premier webcasting providers, we have years of experience specializing in this technology, – from video capture & broadcasting all the way through developing web platforms for displaying webcasts & providing special features like Live Interactive Chat screens, online registrations, pay-per-view systems and recording viewer engagement.

Our Professional Setup Process – we will coordinate all technical requirements with any event venue staff to make sure that all technical webcast requirements are taken care of prior to the events – leaving you free to focus on your event

Our Professional Equipment – with state of the art video & computer hardware, our streaming software has the ability to automatically adapt our stream to each viewer’s Internet connection speed. This allows us to stream in full High Definition using Multi-Bitrate streams to accommodate all viewers regardless of their bandwidth speed! No special software is required at their end which means they can use any browser or even any mobile device like smartphones or iPads, to view the webcast.

Our Professional Server Network with Backup Servers ensures that even if the connection fails on one server, another is instantly available to continue the broadcast with minimal or no interruption.

Our Professional Special Features – like Live Interactive Chat screens right on the webcast page allows your online audience to fully participate in the event, to provide feedback and ask questions as if they were at the venue itself. Providing webcast statistics of not just your audience size but the geographical location is another valuable feature that is standardly provided.

Our Professional Viewing Platforms – not only do we provide the onsite webcasting setup and technology, but we also have the expertise to develop and maintain your online viewing platform – your full-service website or even a temporary one-page micro-site for a single webcast. (go to Webstream.ca to learn more of how we help clients display their event in a professional and reliable way).

And last but not least…

Our Professional Operators – are always onsite! With years of technical experience behind in using the equipment, ready to handle any eventuality or situation calmly, efficiently and quickly.