Event Video Live Streaming & Recording Services


The power of a Live Event Video Stream is that it captures the energy & interaction of the event while broadcasting information to a wider audience allowing virtual audience members to participate directly in the event and interact with the speaker through features built into our webcast interface

Companies & associations of all sizes are now turning to webcasting as the most cost effective and dynamic way to take their message and information to large audiences, regardless of location and to make a significant impact in the global marketplace.

EventcastLive offers organizations or individual professionals the ability to webcast live using our turnkey solutions in their choice of 3 standard packages. Our full service packages take care of every last detail, taking the entire organization of the webcast off your plate, leaving you to focus on all other aspects of your event.EventcastLive’s event webcasting service is the easiest and most cost efficient way to broadcast your next event online, allowing your viewers to participate, wherever in the world they may be. Even speakers may not need to travel since we can capture and broadcast their presentations (including their desktops) using plain old Skype!

EventcastLive’s live event streaming service takes your event from Greater Vancouver or Whistler to anywhere on the globe your audience may be!

Depending on your specific requirements, packages can include:

  • A professional producer to manage the session.
  • A professional videographer to man the cameras
  • Professional cameras and reliable webcast equipment
  • Real-time broadcast of audio, video and any PowerPoint slides
  • Interactive online chat screens to facilitate audience participation & feedback
  • Secure password protected login screens to control access by registered viewers only
  • Free archiving of all the recorded webcasts which can be displayed later on as Video-on-Demand on your own website, your YouTube channel or even as pay-per-view videos on a mini-website we can create for you.

So why would you choose to Webcast your next event with EventcastLive?

  • Organizations can reach all members to make your event and your information more accessible
  • Improve your reach globally to reach more individuals
  • Increase registrations
  • Improve ROI (return on investment) by charging a small fee for online attendance
  • …or even make a profit and boost your organization’s revenue stream!
  • Use the archived webcast to create a video asset that draws more viewers to your website and keeps you top-of-mind.
  • Improve your SEO (search engine optimization) by increasing site visits and also making your site more attractive to Search Engines like Google and Bing, which favor sites with streaming video.
  • Feature speakers from around the world using our solutions that can capture & broadcast presentations from any remote location on the globe.
  • Our turnkey solution takes care of all the technical details, leaving your organizing team free to focus on running the local event.
  • Be environmentally responsible – reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating travel requirements for attendees.
  • Allow remote attendees to participate fully using our Live Interactive Chat feature.

Contact us today to see how you can take your next event online with Live Webcasting!