CEO Town Halls & All-Staff Corporate Meetings

All-staff or Town Hall meetings are a great way to keep employees informed and motivated while also building a sense of community & corporate pride.

Effective executive messaging in this modern age depends on engaging and consistent communication and live video is a proven, must-have internal communications tool for connecting a nationally or globally dispersed workforce.

View excerpts from an actual All-Staff Meeting Webcast, with messages from the President and their CEO to their local and remote staff who are watching Live online…

Leveraging live video for Town Halls and All-Staff meetings is a convenient and cost-effective method for providing real-time interaction between management and employees wherever they may be. Communications that feature presentations, Q&A, live interactive chat, surveys and more, help communications professionals improve & enhance their corporate culture while communicating core values and maintaining transparency by directly addressing employee concerns.

For large organizations though, while town hall meetings in a single physical location are difficult to pull off on a regular basis, Live webcasting with video allows management to hold cost-efficient town halls on a regular basis without undergoing many logistical challenges while also provides several additional benefits:

  • Town Hall webcasts expand your geographical reach to far flung offices and divisions, wherever in the world they may be.
  • They allow all employees to participate fully in real-time
  • Regularly scheduled town halls are an invaluable way for senior management to become more accessible across the entire organization.
  • They bypass the challenges of getting everyone in one place at the same time.
  • They avoid the unnecessary venue and travel expenses which are usually incurred when holding large all-employee meetings in one physical location.
  • The Presenter(s) can share their computer screens and online presentations LIVE with their employees while speaking.
  • Live Feedback and questions can be fielded from all employees/viewers online, using our Interactive Chat feature.
  • Archiving the live stream even allows those who are unable to attend to view the proceedings as on-demand video.

Several leading organizations are currently using CEO town hall webcasts with Live Video Streaming to their great advantage, to communicate and stay in touch with all their employees, thereby significantly increasing the productivity of their staff.