Educational & Instructional Webcasting

Reach a Wider Audience .. Provide a More Valuable Service .. Boost Your Revenues
with Live Educational Webcasting & Instructional Courses Online


Online lectures, delivered using Live Streaming Video combined with PowerPoint slides & other Multimedia materials, dramatically enhances the way you present your educational courses.

Now, without any additional effort on your part, you can simultaneously lecture & broadcast a far more compelling training session, which can be viewed by participants on any computer (cross-platform) or mobile device.

Maybe you would like to allow your course participants to access courses whenever it’s most convenient for them – e.g. evenings or weekends – well, you can now use the very same course that you broadcast live and have it available online as On-demand courses, complete with video, multimedia presentations, etc.

You’re probably already familiar with some PowerPoint-based e-Learning techniques – well, this one goes many steps further! When you combine live video of the presenter with their PowerPoint materials in a single course presentation, you amplify online learning by a factor of 10!

Online courses are an effective teaching method that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your e-Learning programs. Not only do students have access to the presenter “in person”, but by adding Online Chat features, the entire process becomes interactive – students will have the exact same benefits as if they were attending the course in person.

And what’s more, these courses can be recorded simultaneously and the archived video courses can be placed online as ‘On-Demand’ courses that can be accessed by students in their own time. This can even include Self-Testing and grading modules!

Our turnkey system frees you from being involved in any unnecessary technical setups or production issues – all you need to do is focus on delivering your course exactly as you would in any classroom and let us take care of the rest!

If you would like to learn how you can implement this process with no net cost to your organization, Call us at: 604.970.5055 to explain the process & technology – leading edge technology that is being used by the more forward-thinking educators and instructors to widen their reach and to boost their departmental revenues.