Webcast-Related Services List

Using the latest technologies our experienced team provides a full range of real-time, interactive videocasting services of any event, integrating all visual multimedia such as PowerPoint, whiteboard, tablets, DVD & even online video, along with video of the presenter on stage.

Your remote audiences view the event in real-time using a regular web browser, requiring no special software or plug-in. Access to the viewing site can be public or secure (password access only) at your discretion.

We use professional webcasting equipment including pro video cameras, recording equipment, audio systems and software encoders which can be connected directly to the laptop used by the presenter to capture and display their presentations live, online. The event video is webcast and also recorded simultaneously, pre-encoded for online on-demand viewing on your website at a later date – at NO EXTRA CHARGE.


  • Pre-event consultation with the event coordinator to establish event goals, schedule, technical requirements, etc.
  • Venue assessment if required and initial testing.
  • Networking management for ensured event delivery
  • We provide all cameras, audio and broadcasting equipment – all you need to arrange is a reliable, broadband (DSL or Cable) Internet connection (preferably wired) at the event venue.
  • Advance event email notification with all URLs is provided to event coordinators to send to remote viewing invitees.
  • We carry out a pre-event streaming test 24 hours before the event, to ensure smooth performance
  • We advise the presenter re: audio issues and camera angles as needed.
  • If the event is interactive, we provide the moderator with Q&A linking page for fielding questions live from the remote audience.
  • Naturally, we provide a professional grade, live videocast and a recording of the videocast at no extra charge..
  • We can even arrange to optionally host your On-Demand video after the event, for the invitees who were unable to attend the live broadcast.
  • Equipment setup and takedown times are included in all our quotes and are not billed extra..
  • We can also optionally provide an unedited recording of the event videocast on CD-R or DVD-R media.



As an added option, Live Videocasts of all events can also be configured to allow for Q&A by remote audiences using simple feedback forms built into the webcast viewer – this ‘Live Interactive Chat’ option is directed to the presenter or event moderator for providing a live response during the event itself.


Our latest offering is a feature that will allow us to pull in a remote guest, using either Skype calling or our new Add-on Videoconferencing Technology – this allows the guest to come into the event using just an ordinary computer with any browser and their webcam.


We can easily, economically and quickly develop a micro-website to display your live event – either on a blank, unbranded screen or even a fully customized, one-page screen complete with your custom header, logos, color scheme, etc. and even include password protection for your single-day or one-time live event.

For a Checklist on holding a Live Seminar Webcast